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Easy Exercises to Improve your Day to Day Pain

Do you struggle with pain during your daily activities? Hi, I'm Dr. Dalton Wood, the chiropractor at Performance Health Chiropractic. Stick around, and I'll guide you on how to improve your day-to-day activities through functional training and alleviate associated pain.

It's important that if you are experiencing pain day to day that we begin to look at what activities we experience pain in and begin to cultivate some strength in those movements. Cultivating strength in every day movements help us build resilience in our body so these activities no longer cause us pain or injury.

Common activities we see causing pain and injury include lifting, bending, reaching overhead, or carrying heavy loads. Let us build a program of exercises (called functional training) that we can incorporate in the gym to improve our overall strength and decrease our everyday aches and pains.

If you're interested in receiving an evaluation and treatment on the same day, we're here to assist you. Our team will assess your functional movement patterns and provide exercises tailored to enhance your day-to-day activities. Feel free to give our office a call at (513) 463-3011. We look forward to welcoming you.

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