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Back Pain

back adjustment

Back pain is one of the most common reasons West Chester residents see us at Performance Health. Dr. Kristen and Dr. Dalton create unique plans for every patient based on experience, evidence, and your goals. Once we understand what is causing the problem, we can create a plan to stop the discomfort and find solutions to prevent it from returning.

We have found that sometimes the source of back pain can come from surprising places. This is why understanding the root cause is so important. If the symptom is addressed without understanding the underlying problem, it is likely to continue. And, when it persists, pain can take a toll on the rest of your body and disrupt your life.

Low back pain can stop you from enjoying the things you love, cause you to miss valuable work hours, or even stop you from regular daily activities.

Common Symptoms of Back Pain include:

  • Sharp / Shooting pains

  • Tingling sensations

  • Numbness

  • Painful Sciatica

  • Stiffness / Restricted movement

  • Throbbing

The Most Common Causes of Back Pain / Low Back Pain

There are many conditions and events that can cause back pain and low back pain, often referred to as lumbar pain. We will work to discover the cause and how it has impacted your body and lifestyle as a whole. The good news is that relief is possible under the care of a conscientious, skilled chiropractor.


Our bodies undergo a tremendous amount of change during pregnancy, putting a lot of pressure on our muscles, bones, joints, and ligaments. Our services support mom safely while providing low back pain relief.

Work Ergonomics

Sitting at a desk all day, whether in a home office or workplace setting, can lead to back pain. While many of us have supportive furniture for healthy ergonomics at our workplace, we haven’t given as much thought to them at home.


We may sit on our laptops on our couch, ignoring the discomfort our body is feeling. We will guide you through posture techniques, stretches, and a proper workstation setup to keep your body safe. 

Fitness / Exercise

New physical activity can create tight muscles or cause us to do an action that our body isn’t used to. This often causes tenderness that fades, but when it doesn’t, it is very possible that we’ve put a strain on our bodies that require recovery support. Chiropractic care, cupping, or rehabilitative therapy will all lend to the body’s safe healing and proactively provide strength and support to future athletic routines.

Auto Accidents

Whiplash is just one way auto accidents can throw our bodies out of alignment. Tightening of muscles, sprains, strains, and traumatic jerking movements can create a domino effect of misalignment and back pain.

Personal Injury

Injuries from accidents such as sports, daily activities, and slip and falls are jarring to our body’s structure. Recovering from these injuries can require crutches, braces, casts, or slings, all of which can throw us out of alignment and cause discomfort in other parts of our bodies.

Sport Injuries

Sports typically have a component of repetitive movement, such as swinging a club in golf or the action of running. These repetitive movements can take a toll over time if they aren’t adjusted to keep everything moving as it should. Reducing tightness of muscles and ligaments while supporting proper alignment helps reduce sports injuries and speed up recovery.

Repetitive activities

Repetitive tasks can happen in a work environment, during physical activity, or even in day-to-day chores. Whenever we ask our bodies to do the same thing over and over again, it can lead to strength or damage. Choosing to do these tasks with proper ergonomics and alignment can make the difference between health or injury.


Sciatica pain is caused by the inflammation of the sciatica nerve – a large nerve that branches from your low back into the hips and buttocks and down into the hamstrings.

Most patients report this to be a significant discomfort that impacts their lifestyle. 

Chiropractic adjustments to relieve sciatica pain will remove the affected nerve’s irritation and reduce the associated inflammation.

Disc issues

Our spines are a network of discs, bones, and ligaments, and when any of them are under strain or pressure, it causes pain. Back pain that isn’t addressed in the early stages can lead to bulging, herniated, or ruptured discs, which are agonizing and may require surgery.

Poor Posture

Aside from work, we can have poor posture while texting, playing video games, reading in bed, or lifting weights. These issues can compound and create pain not just in our low back, but between our shoulders, on our neck and jaw, or our hips. Chiropractic can support alignment, while prescribed exercises can help you take these solutions home to continue improving posture and reducing pain.

This list certainly isn’t exhaustive. The bottom line is that because there are no two bodies alike, we must seek the right diagnosis to provide the best solutions. Both Dr. Dalton and Dr. Kristen work to restore your body’s natural health and reduce back pain effectively and organically, without masking the pain with medication.

Options for Back Pain Relief

While the immediate goal is usually pain relief, we found that treating only the symptom and not the root cause is not in the patient’s best interest. Instead, we seek a solution that both offers comfort and relief as well as whole-body wellness.

At Performance Health, we offer several solutions for back pain / low back pain relief, including:

Why See a Chiropractor for Back Pain / Low Back Pain

When our bodies are in pain, it is a sign that they aren’t working as they should. This is our body’s red light and warning sign. We naturally try to compensate for this, causing other parts of our bodies to carry the burden, which often causes them to hurt as well. It takes us out of alignment physically and sometimes even emotionally.

Bringing our bodies back into alignment brings them back to health and balance. Not only do we provide adjustments for that, but we also offer solutions to take home and continue so you can build strength, health, and vitality once again.

The proper functioning of your spine, joints, muscles, and ligaments is all supported through chiropractic care, and for many patients, reduces pain, adds strength, and contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

We suggest visiting our West Chester chiropractic office as soon as possible if back pain is reducing your quality of life. You don’t need to suffer, and medications and surgeries aren’t your only option.

"I went into Dr. Zumberger because I strained my back while working on the farm. I do not like being touched by any means; however, knowing that she was going to help me get back to my best I relaxed and let her work her magic. Going in for my back, and then turning into a monthly adjustment really turned my life around. I stopped having my stress headaches and tension in my jawline. I even started to feel right as myself, and I believe she really assisted in turning my life around. And for that, I cannot be more grateful!" - Ashley S. // West Chester, Ohio

"Dr. Zumberger is a great Chiropractor. I experienced relief from my low back pain after my first visit. She has spent countless hours becoming certified in many different modalities so that her patients will heal more quickly and thoroughly. She also helped me understand how important it is to identify the root cause of pain and to incorporate lots of proven therapies (such as acupuncture)for the best results. Dr. Zumberger genuinely cares about her patients and puts you at ease from the first time you meet her. I highly recommend seeing her!!" - Tomi M. // Loveland, Ohio

"Dr. Kristen Zumberger has been an absolute lifesaver! She sat down with me and genuinely listened to the back issues I have been experiencing. The adjustments worked very well! I was also having severe pain in my left foot. She worked that out also! I truly cannot recommend her services highly enough! Thank you, Dr. Zumberger!"- John W. // Mason, Ohio

"Dr. Dalton is personable, professional, and very knowledgeable. He treated me for lower back pain and gave me strengthening exercises to work on at home. I definitely recommend Dr. Dalton for all of your chiropractic needs." - Tiffany L. // Cincinnati, Ohio

"Dr. Kristen and Dalton are both absolutely wonderful! They both help ease my back pain after each session and also have provided me stretches to keep up the maintenance. Truly recommended, and they care very much for their clients." - Heather E. // Maineville, Ohio

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