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Functional Training 

functional training gym




The Training Room for Life 

The Performance Room is a physician driven personal training program. We offer custom, individualized fitness classes designed to  bridge the gap between rehab and performance. Where you can learn to move efficiently, competently, and confidently so you can return to gym, sport, or activity. We’ve created an intimate and integrated health and wellness community, where members can sweat and recover together, all under one roof.

Your Program Will Get You Real Results

Decrease Pain: We are specialists when it comes to working with clients who have been injured and are in pain. Our medical staff helps with all our fitness programs to ensure our members are learning how to improve their mobility, strength and flexibility.

Gain Confidence: Through education and our proven process we help our members gain confidence to perform movements or exercises that might have once been outside of their comfort zone.

Improve Performance in Life: The Performance Room is the training room for life. Intended to increase performance of everyday functions to improve quality of life and decrease injury. 

Everyday Functional Training Classes

Physician directed functional fitness classes intended to improve overall mobility, strength and endurance for every day life activities. This is where we train for your life in order to decrease injury and improve every day performance.

Sport Specific Fitness Classes

Physician directed golf specific classes intended to improve mobility of necessary movements required in your specific sport. Increasing strength and endurance in order to maximize the mind body connection of the game and decrease injuries. We can help add years to your sport life and life to your sport


We run you through a FMS Screen, SFMA screen and assessments to identify body specific limitations and work to improve those. 

We will focus on

  • improving mobility and stability

  • increasing drive distance

  • core strength and balance

  • reduce risk of injury

  • increase sport longevity

  • improve body/brain connection. 

BirthFit Prenatal/PostPartum Fitness Classes

BirthFit Leader Physician directed prenatal and postpartum fitness classes. These classes are a way to exercise in a safe, effective manner during pregnancy and postpartum seasons. Classes are designed to help women train for birth and rehabilitating after giving birth. These classes are perfect if you are trying to conceive, pregnant, or postpartum. Birthfit is designed to be a lifestyle practice and empowers women to find strength in their bodies no matter what season of life they are in.

Birth is possibly the biggest athletic event of any woman's life. It's important to appropriately train mind, body and soul as we enter into the greatest unknown of birth. 

Prenatal: Do pregnancy different. The Performance Room provides exercise programs to cultivate connection and enhance awareness through efficient, sustainable movement through the motherhood transition. There is no better time to embrace exercise than during pregnancy. What amazing benefits for mom and growing baby. In these classes you will gain awareness and connection to your body while training efficiently and sustainably for the birth you desire. 

Postpartum: Rehab your core and pelvic floor intentionally after baby. Postpartum is forever. The Performance Room is here to support you. We provide exercises classes to cultivate connection and enhance awareness through efficient sustainable movement. These classes are great for anyone who has given birth vaginally or cesarean. It is a total body rehab program with specific focus on core and pelvic floor. 



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Start Training 


PR x 1

Preserve the movement you have gained in the clinic or supplement your other workouts. This is a weekly fitness class to keep you at your best!


PR x 2

Build a healthy foundation for lifelong activity! This membership caters to those who are active, but may suffer from strength or mobility issues that keep them from enjoying their hobbies. This fitness class meets twice a week to support your fitness needs!


PR x 3

Establish a baseline for healthy movement or take your game to the next level. This membership is best if this may be your first fitness program, or the program that takes you to the podium. This class meets three times per week and will help you crush your fitness goals!


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