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Neck Pain

neck adjustment

West Chester residents looking for safe, natural, drug- and surgery-free neck pain options have chosen Performance Health for years. In fact, patients globally have chosen chiropractic care for neck pain relief for centuries.

Medications can have adverse side effects, sometimes worse than the concern itself. Surgery can have complications and long recovery times and often includes missing out on work, exercise, and life. By pinpointing the source of the neck pain and using various chiropractic techniques, we can eliminate the root cause and provide relief for the associated pain.

Before the Adjustment

We always begin chiropractic services with a thorough examination to test for functional and structural baselines. This helps us see where problems are showing up in addition to the neck pain the patient reports.


It allows us to know the scope of the dysfunction so we can begin to uncover the underlying source of the pain and its impact on the body as a whole.

Tests include reviewing posture, reflexes, and range of motion. If needed, we will order lab work, x-rays, or other diagnostic tests.

Reported Symptoms of Neck Pain

When patients come to us with neck pain, it can be chronic or acute and often includes one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Radiating pain down arms

  • Sharp pain in the neck with specific movements

  • Dull, nagging, consistent pain

  • Stiff neck / lowered range of motion

  • Pain when turning their head

  • Sleeplessness

  • Discomfort or pain when performing certain job responsibilities

  • Ache when in certain body positions, such as sleeping, standing, or sitting

  • Tension in the neck or jaw

  • Tender, painful, popping, or locking jaw


We recommend that anyone experiencing neck pain see us as soon as possible to help alleviate the discomfort, discover the source, and to begin making safe and natural changes for long-term relief.

Common Causes of Neck Pain

Determining the root cause of your neck pain will be part of the preliminary exam as well as the ongoing treatment. Neck pain can be caused by internal misalignments such as disc issues or externally from situation stress or injury. 

Some of these could include:

  • Working from home

  •  Poor work ergonomics

  • Strain or stress

  • Repetitive work or sports activities

  • Poor posture

  • A vehicle accident

  • Texting / Cellphone use

  • Improper lifting

  • Jerking or jarring of the body

  • Pregnancy / breastfeeding

  • Surgery

  • Injury

  • Pinched nerves

  • TMJD


Overcoming Neck Pain

The first step in overcoming neck pain is to find out what's causing it. Chiropractic adjustments, rehabilitative exercises, myofascial release, lifestyle changes, and time will make the difference between being in pain and not.

Strategies for each source of neck pain will vary, and Dr. Dalton and Dr. Kristen have the skills to support your success.

Working from home

While many of us consider our ergonomics while in an office environment, working from home often gives us less structured options, which can result in poor posture for long periods of time, using your bed or sofa instead of a supportive office chair with lumbar support in front of a properly positioned desk can cause neck pain.

Poor Work Ergonomics

Sitting at a desk for long periods with limited movement can cause our backs, hips, and necks to hurt and become stiff. Using a keyboard and looking at a computer monitor for long stretches of time can cause neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and headaches. These can all be addressed through chiropractic adjustments and changes to your office ergonomic setup.

Strain or Stress

When we strain, such as when we carry a heavy object, we can put undue pressure on our necks. Stress can also form tension in our necks, making them more susceptible to injury and pain. Clenching our jaws adds to this tension and creates headaches, jaw pain, and neck pain.

Repetitive work or sports activities

Our bodies are powerful and resilient yet can still get worn out with repetitive tasks. Whether moving furniture day in and out or playing golf or tennis, your body can begin to feel the pain of the same movement, wearing down the muscles, ligaments, or joints.

Poor posture

Often related to ergonomics, poor posture and head position can leave us with neck pain, headaches, and back or low back pain. Walking, slouching, or sitting out of alignment puts extra stress on our spine and joints, creating ongoing discomfort.

Vehicle accident

Even at relatively low speeds, whiplash can occur, causing soreness, restricted range of motion, or even debilitating pain. Whiplash may only be one symptom of many following a car crash, and a chiropractor can help with gentle adjustments to help your body heal faster.

Texting / Cellphone use

We live in a world where cellphone use is an ongoing, daily occurrence, often with us looking down at our screens in ways that our necks don’t like. Texting and looking down at cellphones puts undue stress on our upper back and neck. Light exercises and chiropractic adjustments can realign the neck to reduce pain.

Improper lifting

Improper lifting results in strain on the neck (as well as the low back, hips, and hamstrings). Usually, this is an occasional injury that will pass, but adjustments and stretches prescribed by the chiropractor can help in a quicker recovery.

Jerking or jarring of the body

Jarring or jerking usually happen unexpectedly, such as falling down the stairs, slipping on ice, riding an amusement park ride, or getting hit in the head with a soccer ball. These are all accidents that not only rattle your body but can cause you to tense or strain, further injuring your neck and other areas.

Pregnancy / Breastfeeding

Pregnancy is very hard on a woman’s body, and this doesn’t end at delivery. The body will continue to shift after the baby is born, creating the need for adjustments. While breastfeeding, mom may notice pain in her neck developing – after all, this is a new position to be in and can create discomfort.


Following neck surgery, many patients feel tenderness, limited range of motion, and pinching sensations. The trauma of surgery, including oral surgery, likely created a misalignment. Healing takes time, and individual adjustments may need to wait, but the pain doesn’t have to be a side effect that has to be endured. Let’s talk about additional resources for pain while healing post-op.


Injuries and accidents can happen at any time; they are simply part of life, whether we are careful or adventurous. When injuries occur, Performance Health is here to help with a variety of methods and techniques to holistically get your body back into full health.

Pinched nerves

Pinched nerves are excruciating. It is caused when the tissue around the nerve puts too much pressure on the nerve or nerve root. This results in heightened pain in the area, typically the neck, back, or even hands, elbows, or wrists. Adjustments to these parts of the body can help remove the pressure and resulting pain.


TMJD stands for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. This joint connects your jawbone to your skull and acts like a sliding hinge. When it isn’t working properly, there can be difficulty chewing, clicking, popping, locking of the jaw, headaches, ear, and neck pain. Trigger points or tension in the muscles controlling the jaw can cause discomfort and lead to referral pain patterns like headaches. 

Herniated / Bulged Disc

Bulged or herniated discs in the cervical spine tend to send pain down your arm(s) and create a stiff or painful neck. This pain can also radiate into the shoulder(s) and throw off your body as it overcompensates elsewhere for the pain.

If you are experiencing neck pain and are looking for relief, we suggest you visit our West Chester chiropractic office as soon as possible.


Dr. Kristen and Dr. Dalton are trained in the proper techniques not just of chiropractic care but also additional science-based methodologies to improve health, reduce pain and inflammation, increase blood flow, and support natural healing.


"Dr. Zumberger worked wonders on my TMJ. I have struggled with this since my teen years, and now in 40s had pretty much just lived with it for the past 30 years. I had no idea that chiropractic care could be so helpful. Kristen worked not just to alleviate the pain but to help me strengthen the muscles to keep my jaw from getting out of whack in the first place.


To know that there was relief that didn't come in the form of a pill was life changing. In the past, I have been a little reluctant of chiropractic care. I felt like when I had gone in the past, they cracked things that didn't need to be cracked and just wanted me to keep coming back for more. That was never the case here. She listened to what the problem was and work to make sure that everything was in alignment that was affecting those issues. She really wanted me to get stronger so that I didn't have to keep coming back every week. If you can see Kristen, I highly recommend her!" - Kristianne E. // West Chester, Ohio

"Dr. Kristen goes above and beyond to help keep my back and neck pain free. She is gentle, and she takes whatever time I need. She also treats my TMJ and provides me with stretches and exercises." - Lindsey H. // Liberty Township, Ohio


"I highly recommend Dr. Kristen for chiropractic care and acupuncture. She has helped immensely with my upper back and neck pain. She really listens to me, and I never feel rushed. I love how she gives me pointers on things I can do at home too." - Donna H. // West Chester, Ohio

"Dr. Dalton Wood has been wonderful since a car accident I had resulting in neck and pain! I am feeling much better thanks to his knowledge and professionalism! Better than I was before!" - Kristen B. // Liberty Township, Ohio

"Dr. Kristen and Dr. Dalton are both so amazing, kind, and passionate about helping people feel their best. Dr. Dalton worked with my husband on a golf injury giving him specialized attention and techniques to not only relieve his pain but also to make sure his body and form were being used correctly to avoid further and future injuries. Dr. Kristen was amazing at helping my body bounce back from having a baby. My back and neck were severely impacted from that experience.


She helped me get to a point where I can go about pain free. She even went out of her way to do extra research to help me with a clogged duct related to breastfeeding. She is literal magic! I actually felt the clog release during our appointment! She is a super woman and can even treat you while holding a newborn! Both Dr. Kristen and Dr. Dalton are so knowledgeable, innovative, energetic, and friendly! They are constantly looking for ways to help their patients be the best they can be!"- Kara M. // Middletown, Ohio

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