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Are you breathing incorrectly?

Do you feel like you have a weak core? Today, we're going to discuss the proper way to brace our core during activity and strength training, and avoid that inward sucking motion that we often do. Once we've learned the bracing technique through diaphragmatic breathing, let's incorporate it into a workout.

Here's how it works: Apply the same concept as before. Imagine blowing into your belly button and creating a nice abdominal bracing with your breath. You can even practice by breathing into your hands and filling up your abdominal area, just like a soda can. Once you've done that, maintain that pressure, which we call intra-abdominal pressure.

Hold that pressure while continuing to breathe rhythmically. With your brace in place, bend your knees, reach down, and grab the kettlebell. Keep that bracing throughout the entire workout to ensure proper support for your low back and maintain a strong core.

By protecting ourselves during functional training through proper bracing and core utilization, we can enhance our performance. Now that we've focused on your bracing pattern and taught you how to belly breathe correctly to support and stabilize your body, we'd like to invite you to our office.

At our office, we offer evaluations and treatment on the same day. Give us a call at (513) 463-3011, and we can schedule your appointment today.

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