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Low Back Disc Injury? Watch this!

Let's discuss low back pain and everything that is often associated with back pain. Specifically, a disc bulge, disc herniation, or in some cases just disc irritation.

Onset of the pain: Mornings and sitting

Associated symptoms: pain down the leg

Timing of the pain: varies from day to day

Common ways to injure a disc: coupled motions (bending and twisting and sometimes lifting objects)

Assessing Low Back Pain

When a patient presents with low back pain or more specifically a disc bulge, we will put them through our protocol to determine what their cause of pain is and if we can handle their case.

We use a couple of steps in our assessment such as range of motion, single leg strength, squat mechanics, and whatever else we think can help us determine their source of pain. Once we have an idea of the source of pain we often treat it through adjusting then cupping or dry needling followed by exercises or rehab for the low back.

Exercises for Low Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most common ailments in the entire world. Just like any health-related condition, it is best to practice a proactive approach to low back pain rather than waiting to react to flare-ups of low back pain.

Preventing Low Back Pain: Activity Modification

The previous video showed you how we treat low back pain. Now we will show you how we stabilize and support the body. Once through the treatment, we make sure that we remodel the tissue. We alleviate the pain, but now we will start teaching you how to support the body.

Follow along with the above video as one of our Chiropractors, Dr. Dalton Wood takes you through a few easy at-home exercises that you can do to both treat and prevent low back pain!

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