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Lingering muscle soreness? Know when it's time to get checked out!

It's January, and we're probably heading back into the gym. This means working out and using some muscles we haven't used before or just in a while. We're probably becoming much sorer because we haven't used these muscles.

How To Tell If It Is More Than Muscle Soreness

Our rule of thumb is if you're feeling it during a workout and it's lingering around 10+ hours after the workout, it might be more than muscle soreness.

If we're going on day four and you're still feeling that pain, that discomfort, that soreness, it might be something to pay more attention to.

Come into the office and let us see what's going on. In these cases, we like to know a couple of things right away such as…

  • If you are taking ibuprofen

  • If you’re icing the area

  • If you’re drinking plenty of water

  • If you're stretching

If you are doing all those or at least most of them and you are still having the same pain then we would love to help you feel better and figure out what is going on in your body.

If you're new to the gym and you're feeling some lingering aches and pain could be in your neck or shoulders or low back then definitely give the office a call. We would love to help and we don’t want to delay your progress in any way. We want to get you back into the gym and get you back to doing whatever you love without pain.

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