Chiropractic adjustments for pregnancy


During pregnancy the body goes through many changes to accommodate the growing babe and these changes can be very physically demanding and painful for mom. Some of these changes can cause back pain, sciatica, pelvic pain, round ligament pain, and headaches just to name a few.


The Docs are well versed in the Webster Technique which is utilized to decrease strain and pressure by balancing pelvic muscles, ligaments, and joints. Dr. Kristen has taken extra certifications and classes in order to improve her knowledge in regards to functional training during pregnancy. She encourages her patients to exercise and stay active with specific pregnancy focused exercises and stretches to prepare for labor/birth. 


The goal of Chiropractic during pregnancy is to accommodate all of the changes happening physically to mom as baby grows but to also make sure the baby’s growing space is adequate for the baby to grow, and get into the head down position prior to labor.


Chiropractic care during pregnancy has been shown to decrease discomfort, decrease labor time, and improve the overall labor experience. If the joints, ligaments, and muscles of the body are working and moving as they need to move, then the body is able to do its thing during labor and delivery as it was intended to do. 

No matter what your birth plan looks like, Chiropractic care during pregnancy is meant to allow Mom and Family to enjoy the process. 

Conditions Chiropractic helps during Pregnancy: