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Workouts To Add To Improve Your Golf Performance

Now that we're in the golf season, we want to really start improving our performance.

I will show you a few easy exercises you can add to your workout program at the gym to improve your golf performance.

Doing these exercises will allow you to be able to hit the ball farther. This is because these exercises will allow you to get the optimal performance and motion out of your hips.

These exercises are just accessory exercises to add to your current workout program to improve your golf performance. Stick around, and check out these.

How Our Performance Classes Work. Learn More in This Video!

Now that we want to start training for our sport, specifically for golf, we want to introduce our gym, our performance room, and our golf-specific training classes.

What we do in those classes is we do a golf-specific screen at the beginning to see if we can determine what your deficiencies may be. This could be areas in the body where some biomechanics are not optimal so that your golf swing is at its top performance.

These deficiencies could be coming from the hips, the mid back, the neck, the shoulders, and more areas. We will utilize that screen to build your golf-specific training sessions.

The sessions will be about 45-55 minutes that will start with mobility, stretching, and foam rolling work. Then we move to the big portion of the session which is the strength work. This will help with strength and improving ranges of motion. Then at the end of the session, we will finish off with stretching any areas we found deficient in the screen.

We will also work on connecting the mind with the body with some breathing patterns and techniques.

The off-season is really where we see the most injury prevention occurring. That's where we want to hone in on these strength training classes and make biomechanical deficiencies less obvious.

If you're a golfer and you're really interested in improving your performance for the golf season, we'd love to chat with you. We'd love to get you into the gym so let's start talking about the performance room, and golf-specific classes.

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